Water Savings Calculator

Water savings calculator

Trap Primers are designed to constantly pour clean water down the drain.  The Green Drain™ reduces the need for the water in the trap and will effectively save our customers money and save our worlds resources.




Based on national averages. Different trap primers may have different outputs.

Calculation based upon a continues trap primer which uses 131,000 gal water per/yr.

Calculation based upon electronic trap primer which uses half the amount of running time which is a 12 hour cycle. 65,500 gal water per/yr.

More new construction use this rather than the continues trap primers.
Calculation of  drains with Differential Pressure Primer based upon (Number of Drains / Toilets /Trap Guard), (Number of times flushed per day),  (Gallons used per number of flushes and Drains/Toilets).

This is not commonly used, when you flush a toilet it averages 2 gallons of water  per flush which when flushed 1x per day using 730 gallons per year which equates to 3/10. Majority of the marketplace currently in 2015