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Green Drain can be used with all 2”, 3”, and 4” floor drains and in 3 ½” & 4” floor drain strainers. Applications include: shower drains, outdoor drains, basement drains, water heater drains, HVAC condensation drains, Ice Machine condensation drains maintenance areas, floor/mop sinks, residential bathrooms, under kitchen sinks and in laundry rooms.

Model Number Pipe size (inches) Height (inches) L/M
GD2 2" 2" 45.4
GD3 3" 2" 128.7
GD35 3 1/2" 2" 193.0
GD4 4" 2" 276.3

Our common clients who purchase the Green Drain™ are businesses, school maintenance departments, office buildings and more. We have four different models of the green drain available, made to fit 2″, 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ drain pipes. This device may not be used in lieu of a trap seal primer.
Simply put, the Green Drain™ is the heavy-duty solution for floor drains that so many businesses and organizations desperately need. Plumbers, distributors and retailers all are in agreement on its quality and its position as the leader in its class.

Traditional cleaning chemicals for bathrooms and plumbing systems are either extremely acidic or basic in nature. These products are usually used in high concentrations and can cause severe burns to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Most of these products consist of either potassium hydroxide or acids such as sulfuric acid , citric acid, hydrochloric acid or concentrated chlorine bleach. Over time all of these chemical cleaning products are destructive to plumbing fixtures and piping systems. Most importantly, the toxicity of these chemicals attacks the environment.

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