Allows the flow of WATER & DEBRIS while blocking GASES, ODORS & PESTS

GREEN DRAIN is the unique new standard for floor drain trap seals. Self-cleaning – water free – protecting against odor, gases and bugs!

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Product Features

Easy to install & easy to remove. No pliers needed

Requires no caulk or expensive installation tool

Saves a significant amount of time, water, costs & energy

The 3½” fits in the barrel of most commercial cast iron drains for an easy retrofit into existing drains


A product designed to solve problems of odor, pests and sewage buildup often seen in other commercial and industrial floor drains. Our product’s design is based off of our extremely effective and popular urinal cartridge technology, which has been tweaked to fit a much wider variety of applications. This simple, effective floor drain solution has already earned the regard of plumbers across the nation. Traditional floor drain technology poses a variety of problems in terms of maintenance and safety. The Green Drain™ solves these major problems in a big way.

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Green Drain™, Inc - Product Specifications


Green Drain™, Inc - Sewer Gas Infiltration

Sewer Gas Infiltration

Green Drain™, Inc - Radon Gas Infiltration

Radon Gas Infiltration

Drain Fly Infiltration

Green Drain™, Inc - Drain Protection

Drain Protection

Harmful Biologic Aerosolos

The Problem

Plumbing systems, along with open and exposed drains are potential sources for contamination that provide a hospitable habitat for waterborne pathogens, especially for Legionella.

The Solution:

The Green Drain™ reduces exposure to hazardous sewer gases and disease causing pathogens that harbor within drain lines and plumbing systems. It is the ecofriendly, preventative solution that will lead to improved outcomes for worker & patient health, while exceeding the lifespan of traditional chemical applicants that harm the environment.


• The threat of disease carrying pests that hide in your drains. (I.e. Drain Flies, Cockroach’s, Fruit Flies, Silver Fish)
• The need to pour pesticides, chemical applicants and deodorizers down the drain.

Conserves Water and Water Related Expenses by:

• Eliminating the need for Continuous trap primers, but not to be used in lieu of, per UPC requirements within The US.

• Dramatically decreasing evaporation within Traps.


• The risk of harmful sewer gasses intruding your facility through drain lines.
• Costly chemical expenditures.
• Plumbing related call‐outs.
• Exterminator related call‐outs and call‐backs.
• Timely drain maintenance by Facility Staff and Plumbers.
• Sewer load.
• The chemical impact on our oceans and environment.

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How it works

The Green Drains’ dual patent design allows for the flow of water and debris, while blocking gases, odors and pests.

View our demo video for more information.

Installation Instructions


Remove the grate or strainer.

Match the opening size (2”, 3”, 3.5”, or 4”) with the product size.



Place the appropriate size Green Drain into the floor drain body outlet connection, or the throat of the strainer.

The four flexible silicone sealing ribs ensure easy installation into openings that have variations in size.

Recess The Green Drain into the pipe for maximum flow of liquids, and Replace the grate.


The Green Drain™ should be flushed with water periodically to clear debris. Otherwise, the Green Drain™ is maintenance free.


Our Product Variations


2" (50-58 mm)

Pipe Size






3" (75-85 mm)

Pipe Size






3.5" (89-100 mm)

Pipe Size






4" (102-110 mm)

Pipe Size






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Frequently asked questions

The GREEN DRAIN™ is an environmentally friendly water free trap seal, which can be installed in basically all floor drains without the use of tools.

GREEN DRAIN™ lets water rinse the membrane and has no “labyrinth” opposite to normal trap seals that collects dirt, hair and grease.

GREEN DRAIN™ can be installed in almost all types of floor drains. In new buildings as well as older buildings. Private houses as well as industrial use with only small limitation. Examples of common places:

  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Public Buildings
  • etc

GREEN DRAIN™ come in 5 different sizes which each are flexible and cover different measures as shown below. GREEN DRAIN™ fits in almost all floor drains with diameters according to following intervals:

GD250-58 mm
GD375-85 mm
GD3589-100 mm
GD4102-110 mm
GD5120-135 mm

GREEN DRAIN™ has been approved or tested by following institutions – among others:

  *   International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO R&T LAB) No.: 24772
  *   American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) Standard 1072-2007, Performance Requirements for Barrier Type Floor Drain Trap Seal Protection Devices
  *   CSA B79-2008 (R13), Floor, Area and Shower Drains, and Cleanouts for Residential Construction
  *   Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Zone Classification: SSZ
  *   HACCP based Food Safety Programme GLOBAL Certificate Number: I-PE-891-GRE-RG-01
  *   European Technical Assessment (ETA)- 18/0536
  *   Danmark A/S- VA Approval 2.47/20696
  *   Technological Institute- DS/EN 1253-1
  *   European Assessment Document (EAD) no. EAD 180020-00-0704 for Waterless Odour Trap for Floor Drains.
  *   Danish Technological Institute (DTI) PN-713952
  *   IAPMO R&T OCEANA (Certificate of Certification No.: IAPMO-WM-022837-I01-R00)
  *   WATERMARK License No.: WM-022837
  *   JAS-ANZ (Evaluated to: WMTS-522:2018) Barrier Type Floor Drain Trap Seal Protection Devices
  *   Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
  *   State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
  *   MI Certificate of Acceptability Product Approval- 1657-PA
  *   Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Product File No: 20170008
In compliance with the following codes:

  *   2018, 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006 Uniform Plumbing Code(r) (UPC)
  *   2018, 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Plumbing Code(r) (IPC)
  *   2018, 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Residential Code(r) (IRC)
  *   2015, 2010 and 2005 National Plumbing Code of Canada(r) (NPC)
  *   Wisconsin Administrative Code- SPS 382-384 and Chapters 145 and 160 Wisconsin Statutes

GREEN DRAIN™ can be installed without the use of tools after the grating has been removed. Just push the GREEN DRAIN™ into the pipe and make sure it fits.

GREEN DRAIN™ has a flexible silicone membrane which lets the water run freely through and instantly hereafter closes and seals as soon as water stops flowing.

GREEN DRAIN™ seals 100% and closes for odours and prevents pests and harmful gases from entering the building.

GREEN DRAIN™ replaces a traditional trap seal contributing numerous advantages:

• Improves indoor air quality due to no sewer smell and gases
• Prevents waste water penetration
• Office buildings
• Self-cleaning and does not block the water flow
• No dry water seals and resists vacuum in the drainage system

GREEN DRAIN™ contains no water and functions perfectly both horizontally and vertically.

GREEN DRAIN™ water-free membrane drain trap seal consists of a UV resistant ABS plastic frame, a silicone rubber sealant and four flexible sealing flanges for easy installation and perfect fit.

GREEN DRAIN™ is NOT a traditional water trap and the fact that it does not contain water it is still possible to install in combination with a P-trap.