Staff give it a thumbs up

June 2, 2016
To whom it may concern
Re: Green Drain
1835 Assembly Street, Suite 772, Columbia, SC 29201
PH# 803-748-1055
FX# 803-748-1056
I was introduced to this product thru a referral from a trusted colleague. I needed a solution for drains that do not see frequent use in a federal government office complex that consists of a 14 story high rise and three federal court houses. We were experiencing foul odors and frequent finding insect problems in these areas. Once installed the Green Drain solved our issues. No more need to flush the drains or add enzymes. This product really works! My maintenance and housekeeping staff give it a thumbs up! I highly recommend this product if you have similar issues.
Jeff Bowe, Project Manager
Raven Services Corporation