Happy Customer – Pleasanton Unified School District

To whom it may concern,

My name is Winston Andrews, from the Pleasanton Unified School District. After years of working in schools with high populations, I have dealt with every odor and pest issue imaginable. I have sourced many Products claiming to tackle the issues at hand. As a school district, thousands upon thousands of dollars have been wasted and literally poured down the drain’s to eradicate pest and odor problems.  We decided to try a different approach after getting nowhere with other chemical applicants. We have called upon Green Drain, Inc. to help suggest the best process to eliminate our issues, with little ecological affects. I was pleased to hear that there was a Company out there that has finally “hit the nail on the head.”  I called and spoke to a very friendly member of their staff whom assured me that I would not have to search any longer. He provided me with what I needed to hear, a SOLUTION! I decided to go forward with purchasing and outfitting our floor drains in the school. 4 months have gone by and I have yet to have a single complaint or concern since the Green Drain’s were installed. We are very thankful to have remedied this long lasting issue. Knowing that we are helping reduce our School Districts “Carbon Footprint,” while affectively resolving the issues at hand, have given myself and staff amazing piece of mind. Not to mention the parents of the children attending our schools. The greatest part about their Product is that we no longer have to throw dollars out the window or down the drain by using harmful chemical solutions. In addition, Green Drain, Inc has some of the friendliest sales staff  that I have had the pleasure of dealing. They are extremely informative, knowledgeable and always have suggestions for preventative measures, or “do it yourself” alternatives. I wish all businesses had this kind of customer service!

I just want to say that your company has done a phenomenal job training your staff and your customer service is top notch. We will continue to use Green Drain, Inc. and recommend your company to others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Happy Customer,