Drain Maintenance

Cyaneco products are safer and easier to use than traditional products which are currently being used for cleaning bathrooms and plumbing systems.  Traditional products can cause severe burns to the user’s body.

Traditional cleaning chemicals for bathrooms and plumbing systems are either extremely acidic or basic in nature. These products are usually used in high concentrations and can cause severe burns to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Most of these products consist of either potassium hydroxide or acids such as sulfuric acid , citric acid,  hydrochloric acid or concentrated chlorine bleach. Over time all of these chemical cleaning products are destructive to plumbing fixtures and piping systems. Most importantly, the toxicity of these chemicals attacks the environment.

Cyaneco Products without being damaging, or dangerous are able to clean and clear plumbing fixtures and piping systems better than the more toxic chemicals do with out the hazardous side effects. Cyaneco products will keep your pipes clear of residue and build-up, kill pathogens and greatly reduce odors.

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Draincleanse is a cost-effective, environmentally conscious product that eliminates grease blockages permanently.

Our state-of-the-art technology harnesses the huge power of nature, in a process in which specifically developed bacteria actually consume grease and oil and other organic matter from drain lines, grease traps, pump stations, septic tanks and anywhere else grease creates problems.

These bacteria are non-toxic, non-pathogenic (not disease carrying), live and highly active. Best of all, they turn grease and oil waste into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Draincleanse contains a powerful odor counteractant that totally eliminates rancid odors leaving the drainage system smelling fresh and clean.


  • Live, vegetative bacteria begin working immediately upon being introduced into the drainage system.
  • Reduces costly and messy back-ups and clogs.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • No more plumbers for grease related drain clogs.
  • No more odor of rancid grease.
  • Significant reduction in pumping grease traps/interceptors.
  • Radical reductions in pump station failures.
  • No more costly cleaning of drain line backups.
  • No more employee dissatisfaction with foul odors, health hazards or cleaning messy backups.
  • Improved discharge levels.
  • Financial savings from drainage failures and fine abatement.