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How does your drain affect your business?  Do you have problems with odors or bugs?  Do you receive complaints?


The Green Drain

The Green Drain™ is a product designed to solve problems of odor, pests and sewage buildup often seen in other commercial and industrial floor drains. Our product’s design is based off of our extremely effective and popular urinal cartridge technology, which has been tweaked to fit a much wider variety of applications. This simple, effective floor drain solution has already earned the regard of plumbers across the nation. Traditional floor drain technology poses a variety of problems in terms of maintenance and safety. The Green Drain™ solves these major problems in a big way:

1. Sewer odors often cause nasty smells in buildings deriving from floor drains. This device has a one-way valve which eliminates those nasty odors, while still keeping the drain fully functional at all
2. Traditional floor drains frequently become a doorway for pests such as flies, cockroaches and rodents. The Green Drain™ has a silicone skirt attached, preventing pests from entering your facility.
3. Traditional drain trap primers need to be replaced often and are generally difficult to replace. The Green Drain™ takes mere seconds to install and also acts as a barrier trap protection device.
4. Traditional drains require consistent chemical treatments as part of their maintenance. However, the Green Drain™ eliminates the need for chemical applications, while contributing to a healthier GREEN environment.

Plumbers, distributors, retailers, end users and Mother Nature all agree on the unparalleled design and quality of the Green Drain™.

The Problem:

  • Sewer odors coming up from dried traps
  • Floor drain creating odor issues
  • Expensive procedures to replace trap primers
  • Drain flies, maggots and roaches escaping through floor drains
  • Drain fly breeding issues in floor drains
  • Current solutions are chemical-based, ineffective, and hazardous to the environment
  • Added maintenance procedures to prevent these issues

The Solution:

  • The one way valve creates a seal to eliminate floor drain odor issues
  • No more gases from floor drains
  • Prevents and blocks bugs from crawling up through the floor drains
  • Solution to drain flies entering the facility
  • Sanitary, eco-friendly and chemical free solution (“Green Product”)
  • Simple installation & improved drainage quality

The Green Drain™ is a great solution in both new construction and as a retrofit into existing floor drains.  In addition to all the benefits above, the Green Drain™ is crucial to preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria that can escape from sewers causing potential health hazards. The Green Drain™ is an eco-friendly solution for floor drains and eliminates the need to frequently pour primer and fresh water down the drain. It truly is an install and ignore solution for floor drain problems. The Green Drain™ saves a significant amount of time, water, costs and energy.

Applications and Industries included but not limited to:

Hotels Chemical Plants
Restaurants Food Processing Plants
Schools/Universities Bars
Labratories Casinos
Hospitals Janitorial quarters
Breweries/Wineries Housing Units/Buildings/Apartment Complexes
Mills Auto Body Shops
Packing Houses